No TV coverage for Temple game?


Looks like no tv coverage for Saturday’s game.

Anyone know if there will be a StudentU replay or anything?


Since it’s a Temple home game, the rights are dependant on the Atlantic 10 TV contract (and as such it wouldn’t be on the BTN in any capacity). That said, I’m a little surprised this game wasn’t picked up for some sort of local broadcast by CSN-Philly or the Comcast Network (former CN8). Where do most A-10 games end up on TV?


They don’t.

Temple has half of their A10 games televised (four on the Comcast Network, two on Concast SportsNet, one on ESPN2, and one on ESPU) and they have one of the better A10 TV deals (for example, Bonaventure has three of their 16 games televised - on CBS College Sports). Makes you realize how could we have it since we’d be in the same boat if we were still in the A10.


This appears to be the only place you’ll be able to watch the game:
However, it’ll cost you $5.95


First time out in the game I purchased the $5.95 web-cast. Talk about a crappy picture. It’s just terrible. No one should charge for vidieo this bad.


It’s awful…I’m switching to the Penn State radio call ( Coverage makes you nauseous!

Waste of 6 bucks


As a kind of rub salt in the wound, the Temple announcer is bad and has not done the basic homework to identify players. He has called both Jackson and Edwards as Babb.
With this lousy picture the only way I knew it wasn’t Babb was the form was shot lefthanded so it had to be Edwards. I will protest payment for this on my credit card and see where it gets me.


Picture isn’t a very good resolution, but it’s cheaper than a game ticket, gas, etc. And with this snow, I’m glad I’m sitting in my sweats watching in my den.