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No Euroleague for Talor


Cholet goes down to defeat in their opening qualification round game. Talor did his normal spectacular thing in the first half by scoring 19 points in just eight minutes of play to lead Cholet to a first half 40-39 lead over KK Cibona.

Unfortunately, things went south in the second half. After grabbing a 53-47 lead, Cholet hit a scoring drought. They went scoreless for six minutes and hit nothing but free throws over a 13 minute span to let KK Cibona come from hehind to win 77-70. Talor wound up with 23.

Stories here and here, plus the box.


Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the update. Kind of odd game for Parson. He’s been shooting like crazy in friendlies, then he goes 0-1 in 16 minutes? I mean, WTF? Talor had no assists, 2 TO’s. Both teams not too hot on assists/TO’s. If the ‘bolded’ players mean starters, he didn’t start. I bet that changes. Oh, well.