Nicholas talks about his PSU visit


From FOS

Says we are in his top two (with St Joe’s).


He may still pick us, but I didn’t get a warm fuzzy from this article.


Some from a Rutgers board seem to think he is St. Joe’s to lose.


I think his dad like’s St. Joe’s. And if you think about why he decommitted from Rutgers – they fired the coach that recruited him – St. Joe’s seems to have a more stable coaching situation. St. Joe’s and Penn State are very different. So could also come down to which school he likes better. I’m still betting he picks St. Joe’s. UncleGary is off this week, so I won’t be able to get any inside info until next week.


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Here’s one form the York papers"

Eastern York’s Andrew Nicholas back on the market

For the time being, the 6-foot-6 sharpshooter has focused on two schools: [b]St. Joseph's and Penn State[/b]. He visited with St. Joe's coaches on Monday, and was planning to spend his Saturday touring Penn State.

But Nicholas is keeping his options open. He wants to see which schools contact him during July’s recruiting evaluation period.

Nicholas said several other colleges have expressed some level of interest, including Davidson, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech and Miami.

“As soon as the live period starts, I want to see who calls and go from there,” Nicholas said, adding he wants to decide on his college destination "sometime before the school year starts."

as think1 says, you don’t get a warm fuzzy. Basically, he’ll pick PSU if he doesn’t get a better offer.


3 Star scout recruit, 90 on ESPN, no Rivals rating - not a bad player… more of a Big Ten role player.

Edit: AdamZagoria -Former Rutgers commit Andrew Nicholas confirms he decommitted and is considering “Penn and St. Joe’s as of now.” #rubb

I hope that is just a typo / lack of characters.


Doesn’t sound like the exit interview who was wowed out of their socks. Sounds like he’ll wait it out and see if bigger boys offer and if they don’t, PSU is a nice back-up school. At this point, that is better than the football team is doing.


He’s been here before, including being to a couple of games, so the wow that someone might get hit with during an initial visit really wouldn’t be there for him. When kids start coming for second and third visits, continuing to feel comfortable with the surroundings is as important as being wowed. I think his unsolicited mention of the Big Ten Network is a good sign.