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Nice story about Tom Crean


Even in the era of sweater vests, I think there are a lot of coaches in the Big Ten worth admiring. This story about Tom Crean is pretty awesome:

According to Kaplan, he received a call about Crean's interaction with a new freshman at Indiana this fall. The kid was "finding his adjustment to college life to be a difficult one," Kaplan writes, when Crean noticed the upset young man pacing in and out of the the lobby of Indiana's new basketball practice facility. At that point, he apparently decided to step in. From Kaplan: Crean invited the student into his office and proceeded to hear his story and counseled the young man on how difficult the transition to college can be and encouraged him to stick with it. He also introduced the student to the rest of his staff and he got him an opportunity to work around the basketball program as a member of the athletic department.


Good gravy…the guy (plus his large staff) makes several MILLION a year to supervise 13-15 kids.
This story seems like “hero worship” stuff to me!