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Bostick looked pretty good when he got into the games this year. I think Bostick is going to see many of Samuel’s minutes.

As far as percentages go, you made a FANTASTIC example of it.
If Banks was 11 of 45 to end the season, that means he was 62 of 157 (40%) for the OOC and 1st half of the BIG TEN.

So, right there is our 40% shooter.


Not any more than Reeves is looked upon as a 42% 3 point shooter.
To make a baseball analogy. Hitting .300 at the all star break but then hitting .250 the last half of the season does not “right there” make you a .300 hitter.


I’ve tried without success to dig up a pre-internet quote I remember from a younger Pete Rose who said the best thing about hitting .200 was how much fun it will be getting back to .300. That was back when he could count on that happening.

We need Shep and Payton to shoot about .180 from three in the first half of the season.



So, whether it be Bank, Shep, Reaves, or a new guy… When do you call them a 40% shooter?

If you bring in a grad transfer, at what time do you take PT away from a kid who has dedicated several years to your program, and replace him with someone who may shoot 30% himself? At what point do you declare any of them “legit”? How many shots, or how many games, before you declare one of them a “.300 hitter”, and the other a “.250 hitter”?

Do you judge Banks’ by his first 25 games shooting 40%, or his last 10 games shooting 25%? On the exact opposite side, do you judge Reaves by his 25% his first 25 games, or by his 42% in his last 10 games? If you have a grad transfer, what confidence will you put in his first 10 games? …first 20 games? If he shoots bad, do you instantly bench him? If he shoots well, do you take minutes from your vets, assuming that it will continue all season?

Keep in mind that Shep, Banks, and the grad transfer have 1(ONE) season remaining. You have a very short period of time to figure it out, or lose those players.


I’ve heard that they keep track of what happens in practice.

Just food for thought:

Check out Pete in '96. Did he make the offense great, or did the great offense put Pete in good shooting spots?


I don’t do it over half a season.

From my viewpoint we just lost, thru the departure of IW and TS, 20 minutes of guard playing time. I like what Nazeer brings but not so much as a 3 point shooter. I am not ready to say we are set and the players needed are already in place.


I know Dan Earl was around for a long time, but this list has him at Penn State for 7 seasons !!!


I am drunk right now, so bear with me…you cats are WAY, WAY overthinking this. You bring in a kid that has shown in his career to be defined as a shooter. 40% or higher. As a coach, I ALWAYS want options. Samuel, Washington, and as much as people want to overanalyze his limited minutes into a comparison ofJordan’s 92 season with the Bulls, Bostick, Garner, and Banks can give minutes to a kid that fits the bill. If kid proves he can make shots at this level, he takes minutes from them. I dont care, and likely neither does Chambers’ wife and kids who are faced with losing their meal ticket, if that hurts a senior or fellow upperclassman’s minutes. At the end of the day, this is a JOB for Pat Chambers and his staff.


The 'YOU CATS" part of this has me scratching my head. Lumped everyone together even though (for instance) there are pretty opposite opinions, and mine, like yours seems to be that if there are players that could add options beyond the talent that is presently available we should certainly at least look into adding them to the program.


He said he was drunk! Mulligan!


OK, Mulligan on St. Pat’s day seems appropriate (and needed).:wink:


Pringle shot like 45% one year I believe.


.453 as a senior.

All we need is another find like Stanley!


Check out the hat tip!


Hopefully it doesn’t take him (if he’s a Juco player) a year to shoot like that! Really want that we get it from Shep and Banks with it being their senior year and all. It’d be nice if JM puts it all together too.


He shot a mere 41% his first year. :slight_smile:


The 3% is important, but what we really need is someone who can hit the big 3 when we need it. There were lots of moments where we really needed one to go down and couldn’t get it.

Call it the Dave Kingman of 3 point shooting, home runs when you don’t need them, but not many when you did need them.

Of course, I have no statistics to back my theory up, just seems like that…although I am probably ignoring some big 3’s Garner or Banks did make.


so back to the minutes game: I would look at something like the following…

PG: Carr 32 minutes, Shep 8 minutes
SG: Shep 18 minutes, Bostick 22 minutes
SF: Reaves 28 minutes, Banks 12 minutes
PF: Stevens 30 minutes, Banks 10 minutes
C: Watkins, Pierce, Moore

I don’t see time at the 2/3 position unless you are taking away from Bostick/Reaves. I would rather see PSU go out and try to pick up a grad transfer legit power forward for back-up minutes. Somebody that can play 8-10 minutes per game and bang and rebound.


I think that’s a pretty good minutes breakdown but I think Shep will be over 30 minutes per game. I imagine bostick will be closer to 15 minutes with Shep getting 30+


This should end the minutes debate, IMO. With our offensive efficiency, minutes will be made available for shot-makers.