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BWI is reporting the signing of Peter Alexis, a 6’11 265 lb big man for the class of 2011.

#2 does not have any evaluation on his game, but have him rated as a 91:

They also rate him as the #21 center in the class of 2011. Seems like a good signing.


Excellent news if confirmed


Just what we needed to compliment the guys we’ve been getting recently. Welcome aboard Pete!


Check out the thread on “Recruiting News” below.


Welcome Peter.


Good news.


I’m in a taxi outside Chicago, as usual out of pocket when big news breaks. :slight_smile:


I am shocked there is no article at the Times Leader, the Citizens Voice or the Collegian.


Has anybody seen this kid play?


Holy Redeemer @ Crestwood Basketball January 14, 2009


Maybe just symantics, but he can’t “sign” until November of 2010 along with Trey Burke and the other three or so commitments.

Recruiting is starting to look very impressive lately. As important as it is to bring in quality players, it’s also important to get them committed early. If we can fill most of, or all of our available scholarships every year by the November signing period, we’ll always have that much of a head start on the next class. Perhaps only having one scholarship available for 2010 was a blessing. It might have gotten us on track to really dig in early on future classes.


Pete is a terrific pickup for Penn State. He has shown terrific improvement the past 2 years and will continue to do so the next 2 before he gets to PSU. His sister was a great player at James Madison and played a bit in the WNBA. She now is an assistant coach at Wilkes University. He’s a good kid and hard worker. Go see him if you the chance.


Gotta love an old time gym with the support columns practically in the middle of the floor. You could have a seat right behind the bench with an obstructed view. ;D


BillTown… Welcome to the new board. Missed ya, man!

If you say he’s a good get, then that’s good enough for me. I’ll take your 2 cents over ESPN’s millions any day on a kid you know something about. :slight_smile:


Thanks MarkH. You never know about a kid until they transition to college basketball, but I would say Peter will be a pretty good college player before all is said and done. I like him better at this point than Aaron Gray and he turned out to be a good one.


Terrific news. Welcome aboard Peter.


It’s finals week.

Meredith was your prototypical babe with game. I believe she was a pretty good volleyball player as well.



Peter will be taking the place of Andrew Jones’ scholarship. I realize the transition from HS to college is unpredictable, so I’m not going to hold you to your word, but, how would you compare Jones with Alexis? What do you consider his minimum and maximum potential?

Again, I know that’s kind of a ridiculous question, but I’m just interested in your opinion.

Thanks in advance.

[quote="jjepsu92, post:9, topic:494"]I am shocked there is no article at the Times Leader, the Citizens Voice or the [b]Collegian[/b].[/quote]

It’s finals week.

Check the Collegian blogs, it’s a lot easier to put something up there (no sourcing or grammatical structure really needed, you don’t have to go through your editors, and you could really just link to BWI). Plus, the Collegian doesn’t do too much recruiting news.