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New threads... we're Nike ELITE

Courtesy of Brian Siegrist:

i like it.

never cared for the elite look…tight top and baggy bottoms make them look like tutus.

The tight top will stream line player speed so that the Nits will turn around that Kenpom “2nd unluckiest” ranking!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the top. NOT the bottom!!
I thought basketball players were supposed to wear “shorts!” Those were NOT “shorts.” They were more like long baggies.

Nice, I like it.

Here’s how I would alter it:

The Athletic Department changed its wordmark to Helvetica Bold about two years ago. I’m disappointed to see so little discipline in the application of the brand. This wouldn’t be tolerated in the corporate world. “PENN STATE” and “NITTANY LIONS” should be in Helvetica Bold on all varsity apparel, whether fans or coaches like the design or not.

It could be worse… Guidumb could’ve chosen Comic Sans.

(I shouldn’t have posted that… he may think it’s a good idea actually implement it)

personally I was pulling for zapfdingbats or windings 2

Agreed. Brand management is a big deal and they fail at it over and over.

The “shorts” just keep getting longer and longer.

At what point can we call them what they really are: CAPRIs !!!

It’s also interesting to note that there are, once again (as was the case with the previous uniform), two different “PENN STATE” fonts used.

Note the difference in the crossbar of the ‘S’ between the jersey and the shorts, as well as the top of the ‘A’ and the middle bar of the 'E’s.

As a casual fan, I just can’t find the energy to get very worked up about what fonts are being used what matches what.

Maybe we should let Rokk design the next set of uniform fonts? :wink:

So, I assume this means that I can actually buy a home jersey this year? I have been told over and over again that once we became a Nike Elite school that home uni’s would be for sale. I want a white #12 ASAP.