New Thread on State High Hoops


I’m starting a new thread, because it seemed like the tracking commitments thread was being hijacked by discussion on State High and I wanted to comment about the issue of Tanner Curley going to Florida.

Coach Frank has a short bench. Always did, always will. On Tuesday, up by 19 points with 3 minutes to go and he couldn’t find a way to get his bench into the game. Still had the majority of starters in the game, including Buie and Way. I think this has come back to haunt him in two of his losses against North Allegheny and Oliver, where in the championship games the team ran out of gas. It is also probably the reason he had to bring up a JV player when Tanner Curley went to Florida.

Tanner Curley is a great kid. He and my son have played sports together most of their lives. He is the starting point guard for the team. I’m not going to share any comments on whether Tanner should have gone to the bowl game or not. However, Drew Frank says that family obligations come first and for the most part allows kids to attend family events without repercussions. Whether the bowl game counts as a family obligation or not or could Tanner have gone down after playing, I will let others opine on. Last year, Ashton Baker, a key starter for State High, missed an important late season game to attend his father’s induction into the Illinois High School Sports Hall of Fame. I don’t always agree with Drew’s methods or believe he consistently practices what he preaches, but on this score he has been pretty consistent.

Now coach Frank has a dilemma. He brings up Matt Beattie from JV and he played a very important role in both games. The team clearly played better when he was in rather than out. This kid, who was deemed not good enough to play varsity is brought up in a pinch and now Drew has a JV sophomore come up because the starting point guard is gone and proceeds to show that he belongs on the varsity, maybe even as a starter. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.


Buie, Way and Nate Deffenbaugh are probably entrenched as starters. What about the 6’8" soph kid on JV? I’d guess if he’s not on the varsity, his height wouldn’t help the team yet.


Not aware of a 6’8" kid on JV. His name is not familiar to me, and I have not seen him play, so I can’t comment on him. My guess is that he is a project. Two players on the JV that most people would recognize are Sekunda and Kanaskie. I think Sekunda has a bright future, especially if he isn’t done growing.


Didn’t want a new thread, and didn’t know where to put this, so there. :wink:

Anyway, here is list of last year’s top two “AA” teams in NYS. You might not recognize some of names, but Agee is at Bonaventure, Wright at George Mason, Stephenson at Cincy, Quimby’s D II, Scott is at Miami, and Padgett at Maryland. Sans Quimby, Buie played vs all of them, probably totalling 7 games, if my memory serves me. On two guys on top “A” team, Brandon Triche is at Syracuse, and Tobias Harris going to Tenn. Buie played vs both, and was AAU teammate of Harris.

Class AA

First team 2008/2009

G – Kelvin Agee, sr., Niagara Falls-6

G – Sean Johnson , sr., Christ The King-CHSAA

F – Sherrod Wright, sr., Mount Vernon-1

F – Lance Stephenson, sr., Abraham Lincoln-PSAL

C – Dane Miller, sr., Rush-Henrietta-5

Second team

G – Russell Smith, sr., Archbishop Molloy-CHSAA

G – Taran Buie, jr., Bishop Maginn-2

F – Cory Quimby, sr., Minisink Valley-9

F – James Stukes, sr., Rice-CHSAA

F – Durand Scott, sr., Rice-CHSAA

C – James Padgett, sr., Abraham Lincoln-PSAL