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New Site:


Good morning Nittany Lions fans. I’m writing to let you know about a new Penn State basketball website we launched recently: It’s powered by and I’m the editor.

We offer up article game recaps, previews, game notes, recap notes, Conference Player of the Week, NCAA Player of the Week, etc. We have more article types under development now (including our own tournament seeding predictions) and would love to hear from you about how our site could be better.

Here is an example of one of our Recap Notes:

We also have a mobile apps for Android and Apple, as well as Twitter and Facebook pages.

Anyway, we are very interested in your feedback. We’ve got a lot of new features coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

-Kenny or you can PM me here


Also the referee breakdown.


Nice site…Thanks!!


Interesting, will check out some more later.


Hey guys, as you know I am the editor for and I just wanted to share our new StatSmack feature with you guys. It gives you stats on why Penn State is better than any other school in terms of college basketball and other things. Here are some examples for Temple:

-Penn State has more wins against the RPI Top 50 than Temple this season (5 vs 3)

-Penn State players are more experienced than Temple players (17,668 minutes played vs 15,364 minutes played)

-The Penn State scoring leader (Talor Battle) has more points than the Temple scoring leader (Ramone Moore)

-More property crime happens per capita in Philadelphia so you better protect your valuables if you visit (when compared to State College – according to the FBI)

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. So give it a look and use it later when your buddy that went to a rival school tries to argue that their team is better.


First stat I saw was the fan satisfaction after the Maine game and I started not to believe the stats after that.


:smiley: Well, after the Mount St Mary’s game, the rating was at 28. Two games later after the Maine game, it’s at a 2. That’s a pretty significant drop. Don’t be so hard on them, they still made the tourney!