New NCAA Tournament Thread


The other two seem to be “captured” …just being nice


Coach Tom Izzo told The Associated Press on Monday morning there’s a “90 percent chance” tests later in the day would confirm Lucas has a torn left Achilles tendon that would keep him off the court for about five months.

Izzo says even if Lucas has only a sprain, he would be out Friday against Northern Iowa in the NCAA tournament’s round of 16.

Many years ago I had an Achilles Sprain. It was very painful. I had trouble putting ANY weight on my foot. Went to my Doctor. He said to try “insoles.” Wow, immediate difference. Would have NEVER believed the results. I jogged that same day.


Whats wrong with the other one? People are just debating about Cornell due to their performance in the tournament… very relevant. ;D


Go Big Red!


I think tundra is lobbying to tjb to be the new moderator here! Check out the wacky thread he started earlier today on the link below! ;D


Hey, some body’s “wacky” is another’s _________________ !!

Can’t think a good rhyming word. :stuck_out_tongue:


Truck Bryant WVU (foot) out for the year!