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Most devastating, heartbreaking, and straight up awful moments of the decade for PSU hoops?

The opposite of the other thread I made a few days ago. Here’s my top 10 list, would you add or remove anything?

10 - Tim Frazier tearing his Achilles in 2012
9 - Indiana’s buzzer beater against us in 2017, then losing to them in 3OT a few weeks later
8 - Getting blown out by Duquesne in 2016
7 - Losing to Siena in the CBI
6 - Laying an egg and scoring just 39 points in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge vs. Maryland
5 - The sold-out home game vs. #1 OSU where Jon Diebler lit us up with 10 3s
4 - #13 Purdue hitting a game winner against us in 2011 after the refs blew an out of bounds call
3 - Losing to Rider on a buzzer beater after Lamar Stevens’ 2 missed FTs
2 - Temple’s game winner against us in the NCAA tourney
1 - Blowing a 20 point lead to Princeton in Return to Rec

Such a fitting new thread for 2020!


Does it include 2020? Definitely missing the NCAA tournament

Death of Jermaine Marshall

Just from gut memory for me:

  • Dan Earl tearing his ACL early in the season when we had a very good team

-Jarrett Stephens blowing ACL our in NIT Final Four when PSU was looking to have a very solid team the following season

  • Pepe Sanchez making his leaner to knock the 2011 team out of the NCAA tourney after Battle had made a huge 3 to tie and they were without Brooks the whole second half.

  • 98-99 season Double OT loss blowing a 16 point lead to Indiana with AJ Guyton and Luke Recker.

  • Losing to Iowa 2 days after Battle’s game winner vs Illinois in 09-10. Crazy Jake Kelly banked 3s. Another OT loss that probably cost the tourney

  • Crispin and co blowing 20 point halftime lead vs Ohio State in big game in 2001

  • This past years team on senior night blowing a huge lead vs Michigan State

  • Losing to #1 Indiana on the blown call in 1993

If we’re doing all time, I’d add Mike Walker missing a buzzer beater vs. #2 OSU in 2007 which would have completed a 25 point comeback.


Jae’Sean Tate hitting a buzzer beating layup after Tone dropped a three with 8 seconds left to take the lead.

That was also senior night, and my last home game as a student.

Obviously the deaths of Jermaine Marshall and Monroe Brown were low points.

Geary Claxton’s knee injury was such a bummer.

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And also Dan Earls knee injury.

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Are we not staying in just the past decade? I figured there is enough bad moments for PSU hoops in a 10-year period… Also, I don’t feel that this past decade brought quite as much ugliness as previous decades. 2000-2010 brought some real ugliness… How about losing to Ship or Stoney Brook? The Euro Trip? Losing our best guard and immediately replacing him with a Euro that never saw the court. Chambliss leaving to pay his way at Wisconsin, a promising young player in Jamaal Tate having to deal with another issue and leaving the team? The BJC lights being turned off on Troutman? Lots of ugliness… But I guess not all of it was heartbreak.

Walker missing a 3 against the Greg Oden Buckeyes to win during the blizzard was heartbreak, absolutely, but at least we played toe-to-toe with #1 (right?).

0-12 and 0-10 starts to conference play coming off NIT championships was pretty spectacular for me.

Pretty much every early season tournament we’ve been in the last 20 years.


I missed “the last decade” part.
Oh so many heartbreaks. At this point, for me the heartbreakers tend to be larger issues and not individual games (with the benefit of hindsight).
Things like Parkhill’s ill-timed retirement. Stevens’ blown knee in the NIT. Dan Earl’s back troubles in 2005. Crafty’s mentioned terrible follow-ups to good NIT runs.