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Morris staying in the draft


Sorry if this was already brought up, but it really suprised me when I saw this. I knew he declared, I thought he was just testing the waters and would eventually decide to return. Definitely a talented kid, not sure if he’s ready for the pros yet though. Another year could have really helped him, IMO. Not complaining though. :wink:


Good. He was a pain in the butt. Take Hardaway with ya.


+1 :slight_smile:


Interesting, indeed. Morris has an upside. He is not there yet. BUT, the NBA is somewhat of a developmental league with the way they draft young players.
Good luck to Morris.
This is really going to change SCum’s forecast for next season!


Should give Burke lots of opportunity to make mistakes without having to worry about the hook.


I thought Morris could have benefited from another year. As an NBA fan I feel that he should return to school, but as a Penn State fan I’m happy that he is going. Won’t have to worry about him anymore.


Drew Sharp from the Detroit Free Press

Have to agree with him in that if the main reason he’d come back to Michigan is to work on some flaws in order to improve his draft stock, then why come back at all.

He brings up another good “point” about the lack of experienced point guards in the Big Ten next season …something that will no doubt be in PSU’s and specifically Tim Frazier’s favor.