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More good things about last night's win against Wiscy


The win ensures us of a 0.500+ record against the Big Ten this season. We are now 11-9 in Big Ten play this year.

The win gave us 18 on the season and now we have a chance to hit 20 wins again - it will be tough, but it is doable. (How many of us saw 18 wins after the loss to Maine?? I sure didn’t.)

We now have three consecutive wins against Big Ten competition - first time this year.

This doesn’t result from our Wiscy game, but the Indiana teams (Indy and Purdue) didn’t win a game in the Big Ten tournament in Indianapolis.


The last is interesting - though I thought Purdue would win, I’m not terribly surprised that MSU found a way. K Lucas was a monster yesterday for them. Izzo’s group just found a way to get it done. Love that guy as a coach.