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Just for State4Life, I thought I would start up a MLB thread here. :wink:
Seriously, check out this series of events that happened at the Indians-Royals game today.
The second coming of Jimmy Piersall?

Wow, I don’t know what to say - My 30 seconds of Fame! I’ve never had a thread started in my honor. :joy::joy:


More MLB fun… (caution: lots of foul language):

Ironically, Bauer (the guy in the original post here) just got traded to the Reds last night. He’ll fit in well with these hot heads. :slight_smile:

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Coincidentally, Bauer was traded for Puig.

It’s situational irony. You wouldn’t expect that the video I posted had any connection to the original video in this thread, but there it is.

Always appreciate the people who try to nitpick your grammar and vocabulary though, biggest hit at any party. :wink:

As a Bucs fan I am not thrilled out this trade.

Dickerson was gone at the end of the year. He wasn’t going to resign or he would have done so already. At least the bucs will get something in return even if it is probably not going to be significant.
Edit. Bucs get PTBNL & international bonus pool money.


Literally or figuratively?

Interesting pic of Bauer watching the Indians game from the stands last night after he got traded.

Bucs seem to get lots of that yet still rarely seem to do well using it. At least not very often.

If all you want to do is figuratively hear yourself speak, grammar and vocabulary don’t matter. If you actually want to communicate, then they do.

I think the key return for the Pirates in this trade is the couple of million dollars they’ll save through the end of the year.

Funny you should chime in, my initial response nearly made mention of how I’d only expect that kind of pedantic behavior out of Lar. Took awhile but we got there.

It has to be tough to be a Pirates fan. I know this has been going on for a long time now, but still…

That’s what they’ll tell us anyways, leading us to believe they have some kind of long-term plan to spend the savings next year in building a better team. Of course we know that probably won’t happen.

I’m fine with them unloading guys like this when we’re out of it, to be clear. Would be silly not to get something out of them. But this ownership group has completely stalled out with the Pirates, time to change the philosophy over there.

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I totally agree. Nutting has clearly chosen to use the Pirates as a personal revenue stream above all else. Nothing will change until MLB makes him change or forces him to sell. At some point the big money teams will balk at paying luxury taxes to teams that aren’t using the money to be competitive.


I used to be on the Pirates side in such disputes. But at this point, I’d love for MLB to fine Nutting a huge enough chunk of money that he’s forced to cash out or lose the team some other way. I understand that the largest chunk of his billionaire status is because he owns the Pirates and therefore doesn’t necessarily have millions of free cash lying around to throw aimlessly at payroll. But it doesn’t seem like he has a viable plan to make the team successful for reasonable stretches. I now believe that three year run was more luck than anything ownership / management did to make the team successful.

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Good stuff!

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I stopped watching baseball with this strike. Saw a little of one of the Phillies’ World Series runs, but that’s it.