Mild OT: MSU-Gonzaga IGT


Should be an interesting game, I’m going out on a limb that I’m not the only one watch it.


Lucas with an air-ball


I have a feeling that I might be the only one watching.haha…23-10 Gonzaga.


Raymar Morgan just twisted up his ankle. I might not be a big Izzo guy but he just ran out onto the floor and helped carry him back…I dont like saying it but he’s a good guy…


Izzo is a GREAT guy. Just a fact.

I’m watching too, you lured me in.


[quote=“tjb, post:5, topic:269”]Izzo is a GREAT guy. Just a fact.

I’m watching too, you lured me in.[/quote]

Got me too, I’m watching it also.


Izzo is definitely a great guy and a great coach. That said he always looks like he’s bawling on the sideline.

[quote="tjb, post:5, topic:269"]Izzo is a GREAT guy. Just a fact.

I’m watching too, you lured me in.[/quote]

Got me too, I’m watching it also.

Well welcome!

I’m not suprised MSU has made this run, it was only a matter of time. If Lucas keeps up on his so-so game I’ll feel more and more like making Battl-Lucas thread…save that for another day…


By the way, how would you feel being North Carolina-Asheville down 66-14 at half to Tenn? Now its 34-114 with 5mins left


You guys just convinced me to switch over from Tennessee-UNC Asheville. Tennessee is up 116-36 so the lead is probably safe.

Edit: NGameday just stole my thunder. I did watch the first few minutes of that one as Tennessee got out to a 18-0 lead.


Miami (Ohio)–KU

Looks like its one of those seasons of anybody can play anybody close


And thats why they’re ranked #2 folks.


Zags not folding…


Roe fouls out with no points…do MSU fans worry about things like that the same way we worry when DJ or somebody doesn’t get any? I’m not joking I wonder if guys like that not getting any points in a game worrys them


I really dont like MSU…should I root for them anyway?


In this game, yes. Once the BT season starts, that’s up to you.


Great game, Gonzaga is a great team. And since they just switched over to the Memphis-Kansas game I just want to say that the court they are on is…special…glad I dont have to play on that


I likely will be going to the MSU/Toledo game on Friday night… will get to experience the Izzone in person for the first time (in their home barn, that is).


Being a new resident in Michigan I am planning on seeing PSU playing in one the following places: E Lansing, Ann Arbor, or possibly the Northwestern game. Prefer to see MSU game, great atmosphere, great team, and the chance for PSu to take another road game at MSU. I’m travelling to E Lansing this weekend for PSU football game, plan to check out the campus. Also made trip to Ann Arbor a few weeks ago to see PSU break losing streak at UM. I have to say it is kindof nice being in the middle of big ten country.

As for last nights game, Lucas came through when needed but he wasn’t the hot hand last night. However, his drive and score in the closing seconds was clutch. Gonzaga is strong, not sure why they are not ranked in top 25? Their center is probably one of the best 3 or 4 centers in the country, IMO.


I talked to JD the other day if you’re talking about the few times some of them have made the trip here.