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@ Michigan IGT


How about 2 in a row?


Very aggressive on the boards early


DJ with a huge block after Jones attempted a post move LOL


Who would have thought our shock blocking presence would be DJ? :wink:


We’ve airballed two shots now from a combined 6 feet.


Aggressive…but 3 horrible shots for Brooks/Jones so far


Battle forcing it. We look slow getting back on defense, a little tired legs from the big win maybe.


Lazy lazy defense on the break.

Both teams struggling from the floor


We’re actually passing the ball pretty well again today, nice to see. But we’re getting tore up on defense, every screen seems to give UM 5 feet of space or more, and they’ve come really wide open on their back cuts a bunch now. Need to tighten it down, maybe think about showing them some zone?


Ugh, those are the type of bounces that have been killing us all year. About to get a steal then a 3 by Mich. Gotta finish guys.


WOW… Brooks comes down the court and makes a great block and they nail him with a BS anticipation call.


Amazing how aggressive PSU is on the glass, but how absolutely pitiful they look putting the ball back up


That was totally a “Manny Harris is a star” call. Brooks ran the floor and stuffed him. Terrible call.


On the replay it’s even worse, that was an incredible block with zero contact.


Why are we not subbing at all? We look dog tired and we’re just leaving everybody in there…


Michigan on fire. PSU joined the barn preservation society


Jones with a nice backdown move.


hey there’s a nice bounce for us. :slight_smile:


Andrew Ott with the buzz cut


And Ott promptly with a turnover