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Michigan IGT

On the road from Indy back to State College, I just saw my first Michigan fan in Ebensburg on route 22 so I thought I’d.start the thread early.

Just saw my first Michigan fan at my sons Sunday school…then again I think in the three years that my son has gone to school there, this kid has worn the same Michigan hat every Sunday.

Also, Cee Lo Green’s son is in my son’s class today…best friend of a classmate of my son’s…so call me “Crazy” but I have a good feeling about this one today.

namedropper :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to yell, “Daddy’s better!” when Hardaway flubs. Anyone have a crafty put down for Burke? Other than “Sully’s better!”

That’s pretty much who I am and how I operate :smiley:

I said this in Positive Vibes, but let’s beat Michigan’s butt

hope Timmy is able to show that other point guard what’s what.

Glover in the starting lineup

Great first possession.

Ross with two good plays down low…

Ah, yes, the pitiful foul calls begin

We just don’t look as bad as a last place team. I know I keep saying it, but there’s something about these guys … Hopefully we can shoot better than we usually do.

So far, so good …

Looking good so far. Back to back steals for Frazier.

It’s amazing how good we look when shots go in. :smiley:

Why don’t they just always make shots? :wink:

They’re spreading us out around the perimeter and our guys are not playing very strong help side defense. Funny, we try to take away three point shots and give up layups instead. Not sure which poison is worse.

Don’t know who this announcer is, but he’s showing us some love.

I’d rather not be beat by 3s

Great move by Travis. This announcer loves him. lol