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Michigan IGT


Brooks ruled out.


Cam gets the start over Brooks


Michigan is 3-7 in b10 play. PSU NEEDS this one!


IMO, this game is the determinant of making the NCAA’s. A must win.


Shot clock violation on the first possession…ball never made it near the paint.


In place of, not over. :wink:


Cam playing well to start.


Both Cam and Tim get the ball at the arc and hesitate. Can’t do that. Shoot or drive.


Tim Frazier with a step back 3 at the buzzer.

Uncomfortable looking start for both teams so far.


That was a smoking looking diner Doyle was at pre-game. Is it good?


OK, Tim, Billy and Cam all need to fire from 3 without thinking of it. Seems to work (we’ll see about Cam) so far.


Cam looks good, I think we’re OK with these guys athletically. Just need to go get it.


Looks good, but I never had a good meal there, even for a diner. Lots of lousy 4 am coffee.


Good start for first 5 mins. Will need scoring from Frazier and Woodyard to win. So far both not shy.


Good start by the guys!!!


Hardaway with 2 fouls already.


I really like the way we are playing without Brooks. Gotta defend.


Notice the double team on Battle on what should be switches?




Simply cannot have yet another game of poor 3pt shooting.

1-5 so far