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Message to TJB!


Now that we appear to be heading to the “Grown-ups Table” with recruiting I know some us will fear what happens to our favorite Mom & Pop restaurant after their first good review.

You’re loyal patrons and you go to a place weekly because the food is good, service is good and the place is homey. Then they get that review and you go in some night and the place is packed and the hostess asks if you have a reservation.

Can we the long suffering loyal PSU BB fans have a table reserved at PennStateHoops so we never have to wait with all the new customers that will be coming in. :wink:


As much as I enjoy the general small town Mom & Pop diner atmosphere that has been the mainstay of, I must say that I would not be upset if business here took off after a few appearances on Diners Drive-Ins & Dances and there is a long line at the door, TJB had to knock out a few server walls to add more seats and is even contemplating a second location across town.

As I see it, the only way that happens is if our beloved hoops program becomes as consistent on the court as off it and builds a major fan base. That would be a major win in my opinion.

Even if this board became popular with the beer muscle rowdies, I’m confident that we could still find the occasional home-cooked, blue plate special discussion, even if we might occasionally have to get it to go and meet in person before or after a game.