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Wow - Very cool. I’m sure that will mean a lot to Tim, not just now but in the future as well. Thanks for posting.


Cool stuff!


“That’s a face for radio…” HAHAHAHA

And you had to get in the Prospector’s Girls.

Great stuff.


I was just reminded how much I liked Hillary Scott. Such a cool guy.


That was great! Loved seeing Joe and Titus in there. Great job putting that together. I’m sure Tim will love it.


Lar, did Jon Crispin show up?


An interview w/Joe Crispin on FOS suggests Jon wasn’t there.


Outstanding! 8)


No but as I said in another post, I’m going to give him a pass for a while. I was reminded that the CvC tournament is by invitation only and it’s quite possible that Jon wasn’t invited. To be honest, while he wouldn’t come out and exactly say it directly, the person who reminded me strongly hinted that Jon wasn’t invited. Also, Joe told me that even though he wanted to come back, Jon couldn’t have made it anyway because he was guest hosting a radio show in LA the whole week. Not that I don’t take Joe at his word, but as is my wont, I double checked and, in fact, Jon was sitting in for Steve Hartman on his Fox Sports radio show this week.


How was there video being shot and B.A. didn’t manage to get a scene? :slight_smile:


BTW- none of the former players got the answer right for the question who the best golfer among them is. The right answer is Toftrees club champion Tom Daley who just isn’t very well known by the younger guys.

I also should add that there were a ton of guys there who wished Tim well off camera. I took most of the clips while I was working one of the holes as a volunteer yesterday afternoon. Since the tournament is spread out across two courses with both a morning and afternoon round, I only got to record about a quarter of the guys who were there. I actually got the idea for making the clip after talking to Tyler Smith Thursday night. Tyler asked me to pass on his best wishes to Tim and that gave me the idea of making the recording. With a little better planning on my part, I would have gotten many more well wishes.


That’s a perfect example of how my planning was a little weak. BA wasn’t around Friday afternoon when I made the video because he was headed home for the weekend to be inducted into his High School’s Hall of Fame but he certainly wishes Tim well.


The Portland Maine delegation of the Tim Beidel well wishers has noted the video on Tim’s Caring Bridge Journal. His friend Justin is going to share the video with Tim later today.


[quote=“mjg, post:4, topic:1208”]“That’s a face for radio…” HAHAHAHA

And you had to get in the Prospector’s Girls.

Great stuff.[/quote]

Unfortunately, the State College Hooters closed down suddenly last weekend so the Hooters’ girls weren’t there. That meant I had to go to plan B.

From days past - Tim (maintaining a discrete distance), Jeremy Metzger, the Hooters Girls and I along with the other members of our group at the CvC a few years ago.


That was awesome, Lar, thanks for posting.

I went to high school w/ Metzger-- he’s a nice guy; good to see he’s still involved with the program.


The video got posted on Tim’s blog.


From Tim’s Caring Bridge site.

“Tim watched the Penn State video posted below when we got back to the room on the iPad and was delighted by it, explaining to me who each and every one of the well wishers is. Of couse, he didn’t need to explain anything about Joe Crispin and Titus Ivory – stars of the great Nittany Lion team that beat UNC to make it to the Sweet 16. Tim reminded me that he was at that game in New Orleans. I reminded him that it was hard (if not dangerous!) to be a Penn State fan in North Carolina that night.”

Real news from the site included this milestone

“Tim stood up this morning – twice. This is, as he stressed while standing, a big deal. Very big deal.”


Embedded version of the clip.

Penn State Coaches vs. Cancer 2010


I thought Penn State was a dry campus?

Isn’t that a tub full of Miller bottles behind Crispell at the 0:55 mark?