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Merry Christmas All


Anyone have this ornament on their tree?

In case you want to order for next year.


My daughter actually made me hide this on the back side of the tree! Maybe next year it can move back out front. :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas. We have a 18’X14 foot game room that friends often refer to as “the Penn State room,” because of all the PSU paraphenalia. We have a small tree in that room that we put nothing but Penn State ornaments on. It’s still there this year.
My daughter, in Mississippi, told me that when they put up thier tree and they got to their one PSU ornament, my 8 year old grand daughter (Amelia) asked her mom if it was still ok to put it on the Christmas tree. My daughter told her yes and with distain in her voice and shakeing her head said, “Oh, that Jerry Sandusky”.


From the basketball team


Lar, thanks for posting that link for the ornament. It seems a little pricey, but I’d love to add that to my collection. Can you comment on its quality first-hand?

EDIT: Also, if anyone else is interested, I’ve found the ornament on Amazon available in sets of 1, 2, or 4. The following link is for just one:


Nope. I don’t have it.


Merry Christmahaunkawanza to you all.


I received 3 PSU shirts yesterday and gifted a few PSU items.
Happy Boxing Day!! :wink:


[quote=“UncleLar, post:1, topic:2932”]Anyone have this ornament on their tree?

In case you want to order for next year.[/quote]

Given that my tree is a live dwarf fir that is only 8" tall, my decorating options are a bit limited!