Member sightings on ESPNU Saturday night


I guess I might have been the only member here who noticed NittanyIllini and his daughter on TV on ESPNU at the end of the Illinois - Georgia game last Sat. night! Who else would be wearing a PSU hat and an Illinois shirt holding a sign that read, UP NEXT, GWU vs. PSU on ESPNU! Good job NittanyIllini!! ;D

And there were a couple of nice shots of therealtrurh and her daughters during the GWU - PSU game. Really liked the blue PSU Santa hat too! :slight_smile:


I wondered if that was NittanyIllini. I saw the same shot and that was the first thought I had! The power of :smiley:


Good catch Cappy. As I told you on my PM, I thought the PSU game was on the BTN that night. It wasn’t until I went TIVO’ing before we left for the game that I then realized that both the Ill/UGA and GW/PSU games would be on ESPNU back-to-back.

Whipped up the sign and was hoping for a few late timeouts and wallah, there I am with my crazy daughter. Funny thing is, she was embarrassed by the whole sign thing, but the next morning when I showed her, she was bragging about being on TV to her brother and anyone else within an earshot.

My only regret is I should have snuck “” on the sign. Oh well, next time :).

Entertaining game…Unfortunately it’s a bad loss for the Illini, though Georgia played their best game of the year by far. Another funny…when McCamey took the last second shot for the tie, in the back of my mind I was thinking that if he makes this, then all my Penn State peeps are going to miss the first part of the PSU game. So part of me was relieved when he missed. Though I had to deal with an unhappy wife. BTW the crowd was easily 60/40 in favor of the Illini. The I-L-L, I-N-I chants were by far the loudest of the night and orange was certainly the color of choice over red. I guess that probably says more about the state of the Georgia hoops program than anything, but I was very impressed with the Illini showing in the stands.


Went to the game and can confirm your 60/40 Illini fan advantage. Didn’t expect the outcome. Yes, the I-L-L, I-N-I cheer was indeed the loudest of the night, however to the uneducated it was not discernable and I, and everyone in our 6 person party, had no idea that was what it was. We Are- Penn State is a lot easier to make out!


I think you’re right about that I-L-L chant Duff. I’ve been around it for a while now, so know what it is. But “We are…Penn State” as self-centered as it might sound, is still a better chant.