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Mea Culpa - Admit you were wrong


Most of us probably gave up hope at some point (or many different points) during the season. Now’s the time to admit you were wrong (don’t call out other people, just speak for yourself):

Like many people, I hit bottom after the Maine loss An excerpt from the bottom of my bottle:

I don’t mean to come off as a fair weather fan but this was supposed to be the season we’ve been building toward…I’ll continue to follow the team and root for them but I don’t know if I’ll go “all in”. In terms of sports, there’s nothing I want more than to watch PSU play on CBS in the Big10 semis on Saturday and then the finals on Sunday w/ the whole college basketball world watching. And then to take off work on Thursday or Friday to watch them play in the tourney. But, alas, we’re a long, long way from that…or maybe we’ll go 4-1 in our first 5 Big 10 games and get back in the Bubble discussion

Well, I did enjoy watching us on CBS on Sat and Sunday…now onto Thursday!


I will call myself out. After the Maine loss, I could only find 3 or 4 wins on the BT schedule. I admit to have been dead wrong and should never have doubted the will of 4 very special seniors.


I sent a text message out on my cell phone after the Maine loss(to my entire list, 90% who couldn’t name a player on the team) saying “IT’S TIME!!!”. I was never one of “those” people till that moment. Most of you probably know what I meant. Those other 90% on my list probably were just confused.

I was just angry at that moment and implicit in that message was the fact that I thought that this team was cooked at that early stage in the season. I was WRONG.


Ball bounces a couple of different ways, and we might have been right. Good to be in the conversation, and to be able to take advantage.


I admit being down on the program in late December to the point of feeling a little apathetic. However, like a true addict, I watched every game either live or on TV. SO HAPPY for the seniors getting to the dance. And they deserve better than to be dissed on CBS, ESPN, etc.

Just wish I could get to Tuscon.

Also glad my ED bobblehead can stay in my desk.


I was wrong. Thought they’d lose to Wisky snuffing out all hope. Then thought they’d lose to Sparty…wrong again. Called for Ed’s ouster after 8 years of futility before watching the tourney play out…

Now I can happily admit I was wrong.



I often wonder what kind of team we’d be if we didn’t have the transfers and Buie hung in there.


OK, I’ll admit that I gave up on ED after the Maine loss as well. I’ve given up trying to figure it out, I’m just riding the wave now. All focus is on Thursday, and I’m glad I was wrong.

It never seems to amaze me how many times over the years the program has been to compete opposite of my expectations. Everytime I think “man, we could DO this” they let me down (MD, OSUII, etc) , and every time I’ve been like “We’re gonna get l killed” they come through (Jan tough stretch, BTT, etc).


Well it doesn’t matter and I don’t want to help lead the thread away from the apologies but I think if Babb had stuck around this team would have been a true force from beginning to end. As it worked out, we are now a force and I love this team as constructed. The Babb thing really stung though, more than I think some people thought it would.


Thought with no bench and no real inside game we would be in BIG trouble this year. Maine loss is when I hit rock bottom. It is going to be one sad sad day when #12 is no longer out there. Thank god I’m not making a mid week NIT trip to SC. ;D


After the Maine loss, I remember everyone (almost everyone) being negative. Even I was down a bit. But I remember stating that EDs teams have historically started slowly and finished much better. At the time, i said I hoped that we’d pick up steam early in the conference schedule instead of when it was too late. When we started out with wins over Illinois and MSU, I felt great about our chances. Then Brooks got hurt and I thought “here we go again”. When we lost the second game to Michigan was probably my rock bottom. After beating NW and minny, I felt like we still had a chance. Beat OSU at home and we could be there with just one win in the BTN. When we got pounded, I figure we’d need to win at least 2 in the tourney to dance. I never felt like we couldn’t do that. Just felt like we’ve been so up and down that it might be too much to expect. But the one thing we’ve all learned the last four years is never doubt #12. And he once again showed us why. It was definitely a roller coaster. But what a ride.


I think this is a bad time for a debate or thread of this type. We should stop acting surprised that we made the dance with a senior laden team. Now we have to reload for next year-the ability to win again before another decade passes will be the real test. Last week everyone was begging for everyone to wait and evaluate the WHOLE body of work. How about we do that now and enjoy our chance to dance. The spotlight right now should be on the players rather than devisive threads.


We all have been susceptible to the peaks and valleys this year so a mea culpa isn’t necessary. What’s important is that we continue to be passionate about the program we love and support it the best we can. Everyone here, myself included, were dejected early in the season but unlike other boards we kept it civil and didn’t resort to what is posted on the other boards. I certainly don’t blame anyone for being emotional invested and needing to let off steam.

I’m just happy that I don’t have to follow through on my statement that I would stop posting if we didn’t dance this year, ala Rokk. ;D


I doubt that anybody expected PSU to reach the tourney after their dismal OOC performance.

Brooks is the most improved this year, but Frazier is the most improved in March. How many times did he penetrate then turn the ball over by backing up rather than taking it to the basket? He’s no longer afraid to shoot and that is the biggest difference in this team IMO.

My opinion of Ed has not changed. I think that he’s a good coach, but he doesn’t have a pedigree that allows him to recruit successfully. I would still change coaches if we could find someone with that pedigree.


I guess I would be the reason for the “(almost everyone)” ;D

Positive Vibes (Post-Maine)

OK, even I had sort of given up on ED and the seniors. But on the second page of the above thread, both me and Champ hint at the Maine loss maybe being what this team needed at the time.

Then after we beat MSU and Illinois back-to-back, I posted I Like This Team.

So while I thought like most on here that the NCAA Tourney was just a pipe dream after the Maine loss, I also didn’t give up hope that they had no chance based on who we were going to play the rest of the season.


Part of what we saw in the last few days are the reasons why we were so down on Ed during 09s scheduling fiasco, 10s awful Big 10 start and 11s (late 2010) loss to Maine. It was completely rational as a fan to say many of things I said and I would admit that to his face today as representations of how I felt and still do. I would not BS the man by saying I never lost hope when clearly and rationally, I did.

What was important is that he and his staff never lost hope.

That is why, given that he has made it to the tournament, I would hope he get extension for the next five years, a good recruiter and a gym to call his own*. This from a fan who will admit to his face that I wanted him out.

*Wild Montana Sky


I expected a complete collapse after the Maine game. It was the only game I saw live all season and they were really really bad.


Hopefully this doesn’t come off the wrong way, but based off of what we had all seen through the Maine game, you had to be pretty delusional to think THIS could happen. It was a possibility, but to expect it? Heck no. I would have put $$$$$ on Penn State not Dancing after the Maine game.

A lot of credit to the four seniors and two underclassmen in Frazier and Marshall for really turning this season around. Unbelievable.


I was wrong (thank god)


I was wrong about the team…TB, Brooks, Frazier, AJ, DJ.