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MD up 1 on Duke with 15:36 to go on ACC Sunday Night Hoops

Hard to root for MD but have to against Duke

Just turned it on. Hmmm…Maryland staying with Duke, Purdue has won 10 straight, Michigan took Kansas to OT today, VTech is ranked, we beat MSU. Maybe things looking up for PSU. ;D

They couldn’t pull it off. Funny the way middle-of-the-road teams are able to hang with the best of the best on any given night, for 10, 20, even 30 minute stretches. Really goes to show how little difference there is in top-5’s from team 1 to team 100 in the NCAA most years.

What usually happens with the great teams however, is the slight edge at each position combined with a huge edge coming off the bench almost always adds up to wins even when they get the best shot of a lesser team.

We see PSU do this all time - hang around and hang around with the best the big10 has to offer. It’s not that our first 5 can’t compete for 30 minutes most nights, it’s that they just don’t quite have enough to do it for 40 - especially given the depth dropoff.

It’s also why so many NCAA tournament games are so close in the early rounds even though the matchups on paper say otherwise. Starting 5’s at the top 150 schools in the country can hang with any other starting 5 on any given night. There’s not a lot of room for slipping up at the d-1 level as a result and why we probably shouldn’t be so surprised when we see things like Maine beating PSU, or Illinois losing to Chicago. :wink: