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Matt Painter Saga


How ridiculous has this been? Twitter has been hilarious.


Funnier than the Bronx Zoo Cobra’s twitter?


Haha so basically Lafayette sources are saying he’s staying, St. Louis sources are saying he’s going to Mizzou.

So much for this 12 PM deadline.


He’s looking for a pay raise at Purdue. It happens all the time. I doubt we see him at Missou, just something to leverage a bigger salary out of Purdue.


Everyone just always assumes money. I don’t buy it. Although there have been a lotta smoke about $ for his assistants.

Anyway, ESPN finally joins in on the act with a report. We’ll see if theirs sticks. They say Painter is staying.


[quote=“Tom, post:2, topic:2283”]Funnier than the Bronx Zoo Cobra’s twitter?[/quote]

Saw this the other day, hilarious. I love/hate the internet.