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Marquette - great unis


Love Marquettes unis.

I’m at a hotel too hip to have TVs but this MMOD app for iPad rocks.


Agree on both. Love Marquette uniforms


More importantly, great coach and team. 8)


Marquette was the tread setter for fancy unis. Starting in the early 70’s…They had a “Native American motif.” Of course, then, the school nickname was “Warriors.” They had beating drums during their home games!! …Also, I think they were the first top team to wear "non tucked in " unis tops.
Al McGuire knew the value of “marketing!!” His GREAT recruiting brought national recruits to a dying city in a unknown state in the snow belt!! You think the PSU job is tough??? :o


I read a lot of comments on Marquette’s uniforms thus far in this tournament, which actually surprised me a bit because they’ve had this set for several years now.


A great Frank DeFord profile of Al Marquette ran once in Sports Illustrated. I’ll see if they’ve got it archived. He targeted one kid every year and sold the hell out of him.


I’ve always said that that should be the approach for our recruiting… If we can bring in 1 “ballplayer” each year and fill out the class with role players, by the time you do this through one full class cycle you’ve got a nice group of talent on the floor and some balance to your classes.


Welcome to his world - 1976


Nice article…thanks!!

Al is an “extreme personality”…He was Dickie V. before Dickie V. I remember him being interviewed on Pgh. sport talk shows in the 70’s. Keeping his name (and Marquette’s) known in the area! He was very knowledgeable about the Pgh. area from numerous recruiting trips. He always joked about the constant road construction on the Parkway West coming in from the airport.