Mark Brennan


Good piece. Some harsh comments.


[quote=“kidcoyote, post:1, topic:496”]Good piece. Some harsh comments.[/quote]

Very critical of Brooks. I think Frazier and/or Edwards need to become better scoring options. Babb, though he shot poorly, seemed to play a decent all around game. I’ll take that effort every night and hope he can improve his shooting some.


Brennan hit the nail on the head. Brooks sat Saturday night because of his lack of defense and hustle. He only got the jam because he was not hustling back up court. His lack of offense really affected his play on the defensive end IMO. There was one time he missed a fairly easy/open shot in the first half, loafed down court, gave up an easy inside bucket and within seconds Cam was off the bench to replace him. I think Ed was sending a message to him by keeping him on the bench for most of the night.