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Maine vs. Columbia link and IGT

Manie’s first game since beating us:

Game is at Maine - Columbia up by six. Colunbia has three 3pters, one from Steve Egee that are his first points of the season.


I was thinking of making this tread as long as our games, but I don’t think I can think of 100 posts of useless stuff.

Columbia up by 10

Glad you’re paying attention. Got the link on?

Columbia up 35-28 at half

Maine coming out with a bang in the 2nd half. Columbia up by 1

Columbia back up by 10

Six consucutive posts. Maybe I’ll set that record.

Columbia up now by 7

This post is just to end your streak :wink:

Egee with another 3 to put Columbia up by 11

These bozo Maine annoucers keep mispronouncing Egee’s name.

Columbia now up 61.45

Maine on a run. Now down by 7.

BIG 3 by Egee to put Columbia by 7

Coluumbia up by 2 with less than one min.

Egee with a foul, Maine can tie it at the line.

Columbia up two with 31 sec. Maine has the ball

Egee at the line - Hits 1 of 2, gsts double digits,

Maine misses a 3 at the buzzer

Columbia wins 74-71

Even I don’t understand the point of this thread.

Slow board, slow night

Thank you for creating this thread TJM78. Sometimes teams play different against conference opponents then they do against non conference opponents because of the fact that they play the teams in their conference annually and know their trends.

Looking at the box score and play-by-play, Columbia was up 63-46 with 7:26 left in the game and Maine came back to cut the lead to 72-71 in the final minute. That shows that Maine has some fight in them to not give up.

Columbia is in the Ivy League, but they do have a pulse with a 7-4 record now on the season. We will see how good Maine is in the rest of the season. As we’ve seen, sometimes teams will lose to a team they are expected to win and win when they are expected to lose. If Maine finish with a losing record, then you could look at PSU losing to Maine as a bad loss. If Maine rallies and finishes with a winning record in its conference and challenges for the conference title, then the loss won’t look so bad. Columbia was Maine’s last non-conference game before it’s conference season starts. We will see how Maine does in it’s conference season. TJM78, lets keep and eye on Maine as the season goes on and see how they do for the remainder of the season.

One of the reason Maine may have lost is that they didn’t shoot the 3 point shot as well as they did against PSU. They were only 4-15 from 3 point range after back to back to back games making 10 or more 3’s. They also missed 11 free throws. In the 3 games before Columbia, Maine shot lights out from behind the arc. Against Norfolk St, they shot 10-22 from 3 point range. In their game against Colgate, they were 11-20 from 3 point range and against PSU they were 11-19 from 3 point range. It seems that in their losses, they’ve shot below average from behind the arc, but in their wins, they make a lot of 3’s. They did beat UMass by 12 when only going 6-19 from 3 point range, but comparatively it was much better than UMass, who was 5-25 from 3 point range, a poor percentage.

The 3 point shooting opens things up for Maine, as we’ve seen against PSU. Any team can have an off night shooting, and many times that makes it hard to win even against average teams. Many times it’s not until the conference season where things settled down and level out and you find out who are the contenders and who are the pretenders.