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Looks like the team flight leaves at 2pm


Figures…they finally have a trip that shouldn’t have any weather issues…and they’re flying on a plane big enough (737-800) for it not to matter.


Here is the tracker:


Someone posted the Dunphy innterview on another thread, and the interviewed suggested the 2 teams fly together out of Harriburg and share a plane. That was pretty funny to think about.


So if any of you students want a free trip to Tucson, sneak into the wheel well of the big Delta jet you see on the runway, and hold on :slight_smile:


There are/were a couple flights out of PHL this morning to State College, so maybe Temple hopped on one of those and the teams will fly together from State College.

There are no direct flights from PHL to TUS.


There aren’t a lot of direct flights from SCE to TUS either :slight_smile:


Is there any sort of team send off?


Who knows? But I’m sure Paterno gets one every time he goes to visit a big recruit. If he does that sort of thing anymore.


If you’re at the general aviation terminal about now, you might get to send them off


They leave later this afternoon