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Look like Maggie's 100,000 shots paid off

Maggie Lucas made a self promise this summer to take make 100,000 shots at the gym (I inserted the strike-through as kind of a joke since in a media interview some local reporter ask her about the 100,000 shot promise and she quickly corrected him to say it was 100,000 MAKES). She actually fulfilled her promise well before the start of practice this fall - and it’s paying dividends.

She not only dropped that half court shot in on top of Frazier on Wednesday but she followed it up with a 35 point performance yesterday on 7-8 three point shooting as the Lady Lions knocked of Slippery Rock 101-81 in an exhibition before the men’s game (she did miss one free throw though, only making 8 of 9 - that will undoubtedly make her mad).

I would strongly encourage everyone to make an effort to catch this young lady and her teammates sometime over the next three years. She is definitely something special.