Live college HOOPS FEST on TV today!


On ESPN & ESPN2, first game started @ 6 AM today on ESPN!


My 2 year olds are starting to get up btw 5:30-6 so I was hoping to catch some sort of hoops replay on the B10 network. Luckily for me I got to see Monmouth vs St Peters. I missed the end though due to the Imagination Movers. Damn you Disney.

I didn’t know it was going on all day…looks like I’ll get to check out my new Directv application on my phone! Woohoo. ;D


Lots of games of note including Iowa (Duquesne), Illinois (Northern Illinois on ESPN360 >:() and Michigan State (Gonzaga) in action. Also Temple/Georgetown is of PSU interest and Binghamton vs Pitt. Interested to see how Binghamton looks after losing most of their team in the offseason. They won their first game 54-49 vs Bloomsburg. This will be a tougher task.

Midnight ESPN/ Cal State Fullerton vs. UCLA
2 a.m. ESPN/ San Diego State vs. Saint Mary’s
4 a.m. ESPN/ Northern Colorado vs. Hawaii
6 a.m. ESPN/ Monmouth vs. St. Peter’s
8 a.m. ESPN/ Drexel vs. Niagara
10 a.m. ESPN/ Clemson vs. Liberty
11 a.m. BTN Robert Morris vs Penn State ;D
Noon ESPN/ Northeastern vs. Siena
2 p.m. ESPN/ UA-Little Rock vs. Tulsa
4 p.m. ESPN/ Temple vs. Georgetown
5:30 p.m. ESPN2/ CBE Classic: Binghamton vs. Pittsburgh
6 p.m. ESPN/ Dick’s Sporting Goods NIT: Charlotte vs Duke
7 p.m. ESPNU Tennessee vs. Texas Tech (women)
7:30 p.m. ESPN2/ Hall of Fame Showcase: Arkansas vs. Louisville
8 p.m. ESPN/ Gonzaga vs. Michigan State
8 p.m. Northern Illinois vs. Illinois
9 p.m. ESPNU Duquesne vs. Iowa
9:30 p.m. ESPN2/ UConn vs. Texas (women)
10 p.m. ESPN/ Hall of Fame Showcase: Memphis vs. Kansas
11:30 p.m. ESPN2/ Dick’s Sporting Goods NIT TCU vs Arizona State
11:30 p.m. BTN Robert Morris vs Penn State ;D


UCLA was knocked off by CS Fullerton last night at Pauley… Fullerton looked pretty decent.


Clemson looked very good earlier today at Liberty. Siena is now struggling a bit with Northeastern, but I get to listen to Bill Raftery for the first time this year! :smiley:


Thank god I found a stream for the UNC-Wilimington game, as well as subsequent Charleston Classic games. Can’t wait to see this team!


I can answer that question now, they will look awful. They have very little talent and no depth whatsoever. They have a freshman (Talley) who should turn out ok, and have an Arizona St transfer (Kraydon Woods) that is sitting out this season, but other than those two they are starting at square one. I feel bad for Mark Macon that he’s dealing with this mess while Broadus is on paid leave. This has the makings of a 45-50 point blowout today.


Somebody, thank goodness, finally figured out how to put a time and score graphic up during play. Makes a huge difference.


Temple has 5 points through the first 10:00 of action. :o G-town with 10.


And they say that these type of games only occur in the BT. ::slight_smile:

I hope Temple wins BTW.


I hope Temple pulls it out too, but they look brutal out there. GTown is letting them hang around though which is a formula for disaster.


Temple 45-44
17 ticks remain
Hoya ball


GTown 46-45
6 ticks remain
Owl ball


Georgetown 46
Temple 45 FINAL


Temple misses the front end of a 1 and 1 with 20~ seconds to go while up 1 point. Gtown scores a layup with 6 seconds to go. Temple drives the lane and called for a jump ball, possession arrow favored Gtown. The Temple guard drove into 2 Gtown trees. Questionable choice.


What kind of crowd was there for that 6AM game?!


The answer is about 1250. All things considered that’s not that bad.


Fairly boisterous. Think about it. St Peter’s had an all-night party for the students. They brought their backpacks and after the game went to class.