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Li igt

Here we go

Sparse crowd.

Billy O off to a nice start, an offensive board, a 3 and just took a charge.

So much for Timmy only getting my projected 10 points lol

Lewis with 2 quick ones…we’ll see how CHambers deals with 2 first half fouls

Coach likes to sub when in the timeout huddle. Good strategy? I think do, but I’m not sure how much.

Glover could see some decent minutes early

Shocking how poor the crowds have been for the early season games…


[quote=“BleedPSU, post:8, topic:2838”]Shocking how poor the crowds have been for the early season games…


That really sucks, I always feel bad when it’s like that

Four subs already.

Glover is the DJ or Titus Ivory of this team, do a little of everything, glue guy.

A lot of dumb decisions so far.

Any links to the game online anyone can share?

Got some fouls on us I see.

Can’t be fouling every time down the floor…

There are no big home games in the OOC schedule, right? If that’s the case, don’t except anyone to show up until Big X(II) play starts. Plus students leave in a few days…don’t except many to cut into their schedules.

For those looking for a stream, same place as last time:

Looks like we have a Penn State fan who is a big time streamer. That bodes well this season for the more obscure matchups.

U-G-L-Y. Students are starting to fill in a little bit at least.

Wide open three for Billy…CLANK!

noobd, I was just about to say that.

nice dish and dunk

J marshall to Graham!