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Lehigh In Game Thread

Anyone else pony up the $ to watch online?

Nice to see Sekunda calling this one.

I’ve been searching for something free online, haven’t found anything so I just might keep up with a boxscore. I’m gonna miss going to the games, I’d love to be at this one.

I’m watching…

Comradio has it with a student production:

Brooks and Jones both aggressive on the glass early. Not finishing, but getting pretty good looks.

Me too… we’ve gotten some good looks but haven’t had a lot to go down yet. Luckily Lehigh hasn’t either so far.

At the symphony (I know, I know), but trying to follow along via espn score center app, bit it looks like gamecast isn’t getting any info. Any alternatives?

For 7.95, you can get tonight’s game and the game in late November (don’t remember which one it is, but it’s a Sunday afternoon). Quality of the BTN stream is very good. has a gametracker that is pretty good.

I’ve seen a lot of missed shots by the boxscore, hopefully they start falling

Oliver is the first guy off the bench.

A lot of good looks, ball just won’t drop.

Haven’t had a score in 5 minutes by either team lol.

Pretty pathetic offensive performance by PSU. 4 points at the 2nd media timeout against Lehigh. Lehigh is a good Patriot league team, but come on, seems like Ed and the staff still haven’t figured out how to run an offense yet. It is not like a bunch of newbies are out there playing, four senior starters.

Bad News - 2-14 at the under 12 TO

Good News - Jones 5 boards, Brooks with 3

Defensive rotations look good so far.

I don’t think the looks are good, not for guys 6’8". 10’ shots are not easy to make. That in between game for bigs is a losing proposition. Games are won inside and outside, not in between. The reason they’re taking them, is they are uncomfortable playing back to the basket. They should be killing this team in the paint. But to kill them in the paint, you have to be in the paint. They’re not.

I don’t think it’s a matter of getting bad looks. We’ve had shots either inside or just outside the paint that aren’t dropping. Keep getting these looks and we’ll be ok.

Even the student announcer noted that PSU has no semblance of a set offense and they look like they are just throwing the ball around.

Teams are a combined 3-25 so far … sounds like a good start.