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Last #1 to pay a visit?

Was the 1993 “win” over Indiana at Rec Hall the last time a number 1 ranked Men’s Basketball team came to town? I was there when Sam Lickliter called the foul on Greg Bartram to literally steal the win from us, when it was Bartram who was fouled going in for a lay-up. As I recall, it was after that game that they stopped announcing the names of the officials because of the backlash against Lickliter.

2005 Illinois I believe.

Yup. I think that Deron Williams-Dee Brown-Luther Head-Roger Powell-James Augustine team scored almost 50 in the first half. They literally ran PSU out of the gym, although the talent discrepency between PSU and Illinois then isn’t even comparable to the OSU and PSU matchup now. Illinois was one of the best teams to ever come into the BJC. This OSU team is very good, but not on that level.

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2005 Illinois I believe.

Nice. Way to work it in. :wink:

We’re just 6.5 point doggies. That’s a little bit of respect anyhow. :slight_smile:

What was OSU ranked when they had Oden when they played at the BJC?

They were #2 both times we played that year

Wasn’t temple #1 one of the times thay came in back in the old Parkhill/A-10 days?

That would make it once every 4 or 5 years or so pretty consistently.

I see the respect from Vegas, interesting.

I’m betting the ML (12/5), and the Under 130.