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Great job keepin the matrix current. Refresh my memory on basketball grants. How many are the women allowed per year. Isn’t it 13?


They get 15, two more than the men.


If you look around, you will notice that most DI women’s teams do not use their full allotment of scholarships. Not sure why, but I think the use of male practice players might play a role.


That’s good to know. I was just wondering since the recruiting seems to be taking hold if we had more to give. Seems like if they wanted to they could give out 3 more since they now have 12 on the roster, 2 verbals and 2 that graduate at the end of this year. I doubt we get any more bigs but maybe perhaps the guard in the below link would be a nice addition.


I read somewhere that the Lady Lions are in the running for 5’11" 2012 Philly guard Brianna Butler, #4 G and #13 overall. She’s been very coy about the recruiting process.