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Did he get his invite to the NBA combine or was it a GLeague invite?

According to this, neither

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Interesting… I’m a bit shocked. Does that mean???

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A mid-range guy that can’t hit threes and doesn’t have the quickness, size, or length to defend the SFs in the NBA?

Not terribly surprised.

If he wants to go NBA, he needs to add a little more quickness and start burying three pointers at around 40%.


He isn’t even listed under notables.


Should mean he’s got work to do on the deep ball this offseason. If he hits the 3 he gets a combine invite next year.

Also probably means he’s back.

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He’s got the body type to defend, think the length issues are overstated since he’s proven he can defend the 5 if he needs to in college. But he needs the agility and the deep ball work.


But of a conflict between what may be good for psu’s season next year vs what he needs to work on to better his future.

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Improving his three point shot would be VERY good for this team.


It would but taking more if he doesn’t wouldn’t.

I agree and I think that will happen next season.

A Lamar who shoots 40% from deep next season? Yes, please. If that happens, we probably have an excellent shot at the NCAAs.


well if he wants to get to the NBA, he just had a wake up call that he needs to improve his game. so if he wants it, that means he has to take his off season work-outs to the next level. that can only be good for penn state.

i agree with Bleed that he has plenty of athleticism to play the 3 in the NBA, just needs to be able to shoot a 3 pointer.

I see we have reached the unreasonable expectations point of the offseason.


Be rare to have a guy who can’t shoot a college three suddenly be able to drain nba range threes but anything can happen on the internet! :grinning:

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No one said anything near that? My reading comprehension is suspect, but it looked to my as if we were all saying that he could not shoot 3s and needs to seriously work on that ability if he wants to make the NBA after next season.

As for unrealistic expectations, again, no expectations have really been said. Probably the closest thing you could twist into an expectation was my post, saying “IF Lamar does shoot [the suggested] 40% from deep, next season could be fun.” I never said that he WILL shoot 40%, but if he does, is anyone going to disagree that next season could be fun? Not an expectation, but an if/then statement… “If Lamar shoots 40% from deep, then next season may be fun.”

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No he doesn’t, and it isn’t even close.

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It’s hard to disagree with this. The SFs in the league are 6’6 - 6’9 monsters with first steps that are on another level. I don’t think Lamar doesn’t do anything exceptionally well that NBA GMs are looking for. The mid-range game is dying, only a few old school GMs value it anymore and they’ll soon be put out to pasture.

He needs the agility work and the 3 ball.

Athleticism isn’t only jumping out of the gym. As others have said, his lateral burst is a long way off. Being able to shoot it though cures a lot of ills.