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Lafayette IGT


Its cupcake time! I hope Lafayette is chocolate with chocolate frosting.


Just heard Lewis isn’t playing tonight - he re-aggrivated his ankle. Possibly the reason only 5 min. against ole miss, too.

Chocolate/chocolate = goooooooooooooooood.


I don’t feel worried about this game. Let’s take care of business.




two nuttin


Go Nits :slight_smile: That crowd looks awful, snow probably scared people off. :frowning:


Marshall and Frazier really have nice chemistry developing these last few games. They look for each other constantly.

I know rokk claims Marshall will get locked down in the B10, but I don’t buy it. He looked just as slow last year and still would get in the lane and score. He’s just a scorer. He’ll find a way to put it in the hoop.


I like our starting lineup now. :slight_smile:


Stream isn’t available on right now. Is it on TV??



It’s just supposed to be on


A round orange ball scares people off in these parts.


Watching it on right now.


Never mind. Found it. :-[


Really seems like we’re trying to get into the paint tonight with the dribble and then dish it off to somebody under the hoop. I’ve seen us do it at least 5 times now already. Interesting…


Yep–Travis is fearless and has upside,


Tied up at 14 in the early going


At some point is Woodyard gonna hit a 3???


ugh. looks like one of our classic flat performances of the last 20 years.

I’m always curious how you don’t cover the 3-pt shot better against teams that rely on it so heavily, and don’t really have much else to threaten you with. Most of these shots are wide open.


Falling in love too much with the 3 here…