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Lady Lions take on UNC November 30

Lady Lions take on UNC November 30

No. 16/15 Lady Lions Tops the No. 14/13 Tarheels in Big Ten/ACC Challenge, 103-84

Very nice win for the Lady Lions. I was a bit surprised by the tone of the UNC coach in her post-game quotes. She seemed to downplay the Penn State effort (which, I suppose is understandable, to a degree) in an effort to point out all the circumstances that went against UNC, thus making clear that they really did very well, given all those circumstances. Fair enough, and she did praise a couple of Penn State players, but I thought she could have made the same points in a more gracious way.

NC has a gazillion turnovers and foolish plays. But, they also had a gazillion offensive rebounds.

All in all…a nice win. BUT we do really need Nickson. We also need Green to avoid foul trouble better and get more PT. In her defense her 2nd foul ( I think) was a terrible call.