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Lady Lions Advance


Beat Gophers to move onto the next round. Lucas w/ another big performace leading the Ladies back from a 13 point first half deficit.

AP has a story up on it - its nearly unintelligible and looks like it hadn’t been proofed before being posted so I didn’t bother linking it here…fwiw.

Go Ladies!


Interesting game (it was on BTN.) Team looks G…REAT at times then goes to sleep. PSU had a great run to take a 13 point lead with about 7 minutes to play. THEN had 5 terrible(3 bad TOs and 2 wild shots) offensive sets where Maggie did not touch the ball and 5 bad defensive sets. Thus lead was cut to 3 very fast.
Bentley made a big steal and jumper to secure the game!
FWIW…PSU played a very tight rotation. 5 starters got mucho minutes. We could use Edwards.


They just won 12 of 13 so they must be doing something right.
I am fine with running and quick tempo, but I also look for some discipline and staying within yourself. When I have watched this team there is an awful lot of street ball, one on one and not being in control. Bently, who shows flashes of brilliance and overall is a solid point guard. I would like to see her let the game come to her on occassion, but have not seen it. All to often she and for that matter Maggie revert to not looking at all for teamates and to spreading the ball. Washington finally yanked her last night and I think gave her a “what are you thinking” talk.
Zhague Gray should have been named player of the game but it went to Maggie
In the game Bently went 5 of 21, 0 of 4 behind the arc, 2/6 FT’s with 5 T.O. & 5 assists, not a good game.
A Washington coached team has never come close to having a positive assist to turnover ratio, way negative is more like. Until that stat changes I will be surprised if they go deep into the NCAA tournament.
Very vulnerable top seeded team in this tournament as well.