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Lady Lions 80 IU 77



Off to a bad start. 21- 9. 6 TOs in 8 minutes!


10 turnovers at half. Discipline on both offense and defense is lacking. Fundamentaly, Coach Washington’s teams have never impressed me. She is really ratcheting up the talent level but I can’t say I enjoy the on court execution of her teams.
Their Pepto-bismol uniforms my be appropriate.


Amazing comeback on the road to win 80-77 against an Indiana team that outplayed the Lady Lions for about 35 minutes. This game illustrates the difference between last year’s team and this year’s. Last year we definitely would have lost this game. This squad is not a finished product, next year will be the year of high expectations, but there’s no question Coquese has this program moving in the right direction.

If we could just learn to play better defense and protect the ball better on offense, we could make a good run in the NCAAs next month.


Good comeback win. We seemed very focused in the 2nd half!!