You can have the greatest athletes and most highly regarded players in the nation, but you can’t win unless you put the ball in the basket.

FG%: WVU 39 KY 34
3 PT %: WVU 43 KY 13
FT %: WVU 67 KY 55

KY dominated the boards and had one more steal, but had four more turnovers.


West BY GOD Virginia! ;D


I love when Calipari loses. Not sure Huggins would be my choice as the beneficiary, but you can’t have everything. :wink: Good to see Kevin Jones on a winning team. Not sure box on espn is right. I missed game. It shows that Ebanks and Mazzulla didn’t start. Is that right? First time WVU was even in the Elite 8 since Jerry West’s team in 1959. That team lost in the finals to Pete Newell’s Cal team. Cal’s star? Darrell Imhoff.


You should try getting up-to-date with information from the 21st century.

WVU was in the Elite Eight as recently as 2005. The Mountaineers lost to Louisville in OT in the Finals of the West Regional.

Now tell us another useless story about something that happened 50+ years ago, or something even more inane about New York State basketball and Albany.


I believe Ebanks and Mazzolla BOTH started.


It really showed the benefit of experience at the college level. Watching the game, it seemed to me that when Kentucky wasn’t able to control the tempo, or the couldn’t dominate athletically, they had no other course of action.


Good point Skeeza. I had the same thought. BUT, it could also be coaching. I think Cal is much better at recruiting than coaching up the kids. Of course, it made him rich.