Know Your Enemy: Sacred Heart


-CBS picked Sacred Heart to finish 8th of twelve teams in the mighty Northeast Conference.

-They have beaten Yale (256.9) at home (in parentheses is rpiforecast-expected final RPI)
-They have beaten Lafayette (203.4) at home

-They lost to Fordham (245.9) on the road
-They lost to Xavier (12.0) on the road (they were decimated)

-They are currently projected to finish with a record of 15-14 and a final RPI of 214.3

-RPI forecast suggests that PSU will win the game by 12 points with an 84% chance of victory.


<mode=“pet peeve”>
Really? Decimated? They lost because one out of ever 10 players on the team was killed?

Because that’s what that word means. To reduce by 1/10th, via killing.

Even if you leave out the killing part, it still only means to reduce by 1/10th, which is not really that impressive of a reduction in most cases where the word is (mis)used.


I fear that if you took every term used in the sports world by fans and broadcasters referring to a blow out that you would lose your mind! ;D