Keeping Tabs on the OOC


NC State has racked up some pretty big wins. PSU needs the IU and the Colgate games to keep their psyche positive facing them imo. 6-3 & 5-4 are two different situations to be in. Hope we grab all three wins.


Tuesday, December 4th
7:30 PM - Bradley (154) at Little Rock (234) - Stream Link

Bradley 68 at Little Rock 62

8:00 PM - Georgia St. (128) at Alabama (111) - SEC Network / WatchESPN

Georgia St. 83 at Alabama 80


Both teams should win.


Bradley has really struggled lately against a couple teams they should beat. Really need them to get going.



Woof. The tide have fallen back to earth after Sexton.


Wednesday, December 5th

7:00 PM - VMI (308) at (15) Virginia Tech (24) - ACC Network/WatchESPN

VMI 68 at (15) Virginia Tech 89

7:00 PM - W Carolina (281) at NC State (16) - ACC Network/ WatchESPN

W Carolina 67 at NC State 100

7:00 PM - Marshall (104) at Duquesne (110) - ESPN+

Marshall 82 at Duquesne 93

7:00 PM - Colgate (117) at Columbia (304) - ESPN+

Colgate 64 at Columbia 62

7:00 PM - Miami (OH) (162) at Wright St. (141) - ESPN3

Miami (OH) 65 at Wright St 62


I feel that Chambers will be able to guide our team over Colgate, Duquesne, and UMBC. Alabama… probably after what happened with them last night we may be walking into to arena as an even match. If Alabama stays on it’s same course. NC State is going to be another VT “type” of game. Except it will be on a neutral court. We will have to see. I would love to go 9-4 by Jan. will that happen? No probably 8-5 is my guess. Hopefully we will be better than Illinois by Jan. though :smiley: !!!

So at the moment:
Virginia Tech (6-1)
Jacksonville State (4-3)
Wright State (4-4)
North Florida (4-5)

DePaul (5-1)
Bradley (7-3)

Left to Play:
Colgate (6-3)
NC State (7-1)
Duquesne (4-2)
Alabama (5-3)
UMBC (5-4)


Are any of our other games besides Alabama that are continuing as H&H for next year? I wanted to make sure. I don’t see any other games that could be H&H but I wanted to make sure.


I believe Duqane is a H&H with them making a trip to the BJC next year


If I recall correctly, Duquesne was a 2 for 1 that started in 2015 and took a year off for scheduling reasons. So I believe this is the end of that series.


The Duquesne game tonight is on AT&T Sportsnet Pittsburgh for those who get it.


DePaul was up 41-29 at halftime over Northwestern

They’re down 6 late in the game now


Wow, DePaul called for one of the worst block calls I’ve ever seen. And it wasn’t even a charge either.


Bama over Arizona. 76-73


Sorry, guys. Out of town this past weekend. I’ll actually be in AC for the NC State game this weekend so I won’t be able to update this thread then, either. But I’ll be on the ball until then!


You don’t need to apologize for having a life outside this board, but if it happens again you should delete your account.


That’s a nice bounce back from their Georgia State loss.


Jacksonville State (5-3) will be at Wichita State (4-4) tomorrow. If Jacksonville State can win that game that would be a boost


Tuesday, December 11th

7:00 PM - Towson (315) at UMBC (195) - ESPN+

Towson 80 at UMBC 76

9:00 PM - North Florida (187) at Minnesota (55) - BTN

North Florida 71 at Minnesota 80