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Katz: Penn State OOC Grade



Toughest: Hall of Fame Tip-Off (Nov. 19-20)
Next-toughest: at Boston College (Nov. 30), Ole Miss (Dec. 4), at Duquesne (Dec. 10)
The rest: Hartford (Nov. 12), Radford (Nov. 14), Long Island (Nov. 16), Youngstown State (Nov. 23), Lafayette (Dec. 7), Mount St. Mary’s (Dec. 18), Cornell (Dec. 21)
Toughness scale (1-10): 4 – At first glance, it doesn’t look like much, but that’s before you realize the rebuilding Nittany Lions – with their first-year head coach, Patrick Chambers, and distinct lack of former four-year star Talor Battle – will face Kentucky in the first round of the Hall of Fame tournament at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Arena. That one could get ugly. Then it’s either Old Dominion or South Florida on day two. A visit to rebuilding BC could just be ugly, period, while a short trip to play a better-than-you-think Duquesne team is tricky. This schedule could be tougher, sure. But for this team, this season, it might already be tougher than required.

Iowa has the easiest B10 schedule with a grade of 2 and Wisconsin has the toughest with a grade of 10.


I think I agree with that grade. Its not cupcake city but its definitely not on the level of Sparty or the Badgers.


PLENTY tough for this type of rebuilding year! Actually I really think it’s too tough…BUT I didn’t want to listen to the “every game has to be a Super Bowl or I won’t attend or watch” crowd. >:(


I have to disagree with Katz on one point. I don’t think the Kentucky game will get ugly…Katz is being too kind…The Wildcats should at least be able to keep it close for a half ;D


There’s a Women’s Auxiiary aspect to Katz. It’s all about the RPI. I know there are legitimate other goals, but to miss the most important one is just ignorance - even if we believe it’s guaranteed to be moot this season.