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Juwan Staten

There is a decent movement on twitter for him to attend Louisville next year, some of which he has re-tweeted. As we already knew, he’s gone.

[quote=“State4Life, post:1, topic:2430”]There is a big movement on twitter for him to attend Louisville next year.[/quote]d

One he’s helping to fuel by retweeting Louisville fans who want him to come (who want him now that Ryan Harrow has decided not to head to Pitino-land, but to go to Kentucky).

It should be noted that in the first day or two after ED’s announcement he was retweeting PSU fans who wanted him to stay.

He could just be having fun retweeting different fan bases. I would like Staten to stay, but I can blame him for not coming since Ed left. I would hope that he takes his time to decide where he wants to go. If we can hire a coach in time maybe he could be convinced to stay.

How much pressure is on him to make a decision now? Or can he wait to see who the new coach will be?

He can wait. There’s no pressure other than wanting to know where he’s going to enroll in school in a couple of weeks.

Staten article from the 247 site:

Also, ESPN Insider said that Louisville and South Carolina are no loner pursuing him.

Having followed him on twitter for a while, he annoys me. Seems extremely immature.