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Joe Crispin or Talor Battle?

Just an absolutely fun video where Mark Brennan asks the question that’s front and foremost on the minds of PSU hoops fans

“Who’s the better guard? Joe Crispin? Or Talor Battle?”

I wish Mark had asked me because my response would have been “Bob Weiss”

Cruising With Crispin: PSU Coaches vs. Cancer Golf Outing

I’m still in the Ivory camp.

Talor. I give him the edge because of his “nose for the ball”, ability to go to the hoop, and rebounding ability (all part of nose for the ball).

There is no way I can VOTE AGAINST either of these guys so it is a TIE in my book! :slight_smile:

I know, that’s a question I do not want to be posed on camera. I would go with the great Dan Earl.

Talor wasn’t too fond of the responses.!/BubbyBattle/status/77011552217202688

@PSUSTRETCH stretch there was a lot of biased ppl out there lol about whose better me or Joe tell him next year ill be riding around haha

Don’t want to single on out either, but who wouldn’t pay to see a 1-on-1 game between Joe and Talor?