Jimmy Jackson Top Five Big Ten Ballers


#5 Talor Battle

Top Five


I have to be honest, there is no way that I would take Kalin Lucas over Talor. No way. He simply isn’t as good. Of all the tight MSU games that I have watched come down to the wire, Lucas NEVER gets the job done at the end. Its always somebody else. Im sure someone will have some examples to the contrary, but it wouldn’t change my mind. Battle is, in my honest opinion, the best all around point guard in the Big Ten.


I agree about Kalin. He’s good but IMO, I take both Talor AND Trevon Hughes over Kalin as my point. One thing I get tired of hearing about Talor is that he only scores so much because he’s on PSU and we don’t have anyone else that can score. I’ll be willing to bet his numbers will be better last year than this year because he had a little more help.

While I was watching the Wisc/MSU game last night I couldn’t help but to imagine Jeff Brooks doing exactly what Leuer was doing. They have really similar games and I hope Jeff can some time soon put up similar numbers.

To be fair to Kalin, I’ve seen him make a lot of clutch plays. Just recently against NW he had a hell of a bucket towards the end of the game. He ran over to Izzo and said something like, “I got you”.


When I coached U-12 competitive soccer, I had some kids that were outstanding players, but in games where we went to penalty kicks to break a tie, some of those same kids stepped up, and some didn’t, could barely shoot on net. That’s how I view Lucas. Great player, fast, aggressive, but put him at the line to hit a foul shot to tie a game in the last minute, NFW. Last year when PSU beat MSU, Lucas was 9-9 from the line, but then clanked the tying FT with 30 seconds left, which may have cost them the game. While Talor shoots FT’s worse, in that situation, I’d rather have him at the line. Izzo already sat Lucas in practice for ‘leadership’ issues, so there’s some stuff going on with him.


And Juice Thompson.