Jeff Brooks


With all the doom and gloom that’s going on after the Charleston Classic, I thought I’d start a thread dedicated to Brooks, who I think most of us will agree has been a surprise with his improvement especially on the offensive end. A few things to note in the admittedly short period of time so far this season.

Next to Talor, he’s been our most consistent offensive presence in games, scoring between 9-15 points in every game so far.

His PPS is third on the team at 1.49 (up from .91 last year).

He is 3 of 9 from three… I think the best number there is that he has taken only 9 three’s and 31 2-point shots (22% of his shots are 3’s, last year it was 30%).

He is hitting 63% (7/11) of his FT’s, up from 50% (14/28) last year.

Last year, he averaged 3.1 rebounds in 16 mpg. This year, unfortunately, he’s only averaging 3.4 rbs in 29 mpg. That’s a big number that has to change, and even if he just maintains the same level of production with his increased minutes from last year, we should expect about 6 rpg from him.

He just looks so much more comfortable on offense. Hopefully he’ll start to show that same tenacity on the boards and on D.

He’s not putting up Geary type numbers, but he is developing into a similar type of player. I don’t expect him to reach that level of production, but if he continues to improve this year and next year, and gets better on the boards and D, he’ll be an important piece in the team for the next two years.


Jeff hit double figures in scoring three times last year. He already has four double figure scoring games this year in five games. Steve and Dick say he looks very comfortable on the floor this year.


Jeff needs to double his rebounds per game. You can’t be second in minutes, 5th in rebounding, esp at 6’8". Somebody’s gotta do the dirty work.


Jeff always looked much more comfortable last year when Jamelle was not playing and he got extended minutes. I think he is starting to scratch the surface of his potential. Yes, I’d like to see more rebounding and better D, but at this point I’ll gladly take increased offensive efficiency and consistency.


I’m with you. I’ll take whatever positive production we get from Jeff. Hopefully, he’ll soon be able to score enough to a net + over his (sometimes) poor D and rebounding. I think if he ever gets his “motor” going, the rebounding will number will go way up. He’s just got to want it.