Jeff Brooks and Louisville


Thinking back to Jeff’s recruitment, how do you think he would have fit into this year’s Louisville team? This is my first time seeing them play this year (or John Wall and Kentucky, for that matter), but I’m just curious about what you think. Do you think that his skill set would shine more if he was in Rick’s system and had this year’s cast around him, as opposed to what he has at PSU this year?


Nobody likes to get thrown a no-no on a topic :wink:

I think Jeff might be a different player there.They tend to live on athletic large bodies,and while Jeff isn’t a big body type guy,with work under their system I think Jeff could find a nice nitch in their roster.He has shown the ability to be really athletic,he just needs it to be all together with the rest of himself

Here Jeff is more like a nice treat.Talor is athletic,but not in the same way Jeff is.We play slower defensive minded type of ball whereas Louisville will run 5 big and fast athletic type players at you,shove the ball down ur throat, and then play defense while you try and figure out where you are. Jeff’s athletic ability and size might work better in the grand picture of Louisville bball but I think he is a nice wrinkle in a otherwise…less flashy Big Ten.