Jason Love for Xavier


If I am remembering Drew Jones’ recruitment correctly, Jason Love was a teammate of his during high school. If we had landed Love, he would’ve been great for the team this past season and next season - he’s the physical presence and body that we are sorely lacking. A

Now that I think of it, Drew was beside Love in high school and Cornley in college (until this year). Drew also didn’t start basketball until halfway through high school. Keeping that in mind, I doubt that Drew was EVER relied on to be the key force down-low until this past season. I would imagine that he had a pretty steep learning curve when having to change his style and mindset when on the court this season. If you have never been looked to before to be your team’s key bruiser on the block, that is an adjustment to make.

Anyway, just an interesting tidbit to keep in mind if you’re watching the Pitt/Xavier game.